Testimonials. Don’t take my word for it, see what a selection of my clients have to say.

When I realised I was stuck in a job with no prospects, I approached Jon for help with my career. He certainly helped me plan that side of my life, but our sessions have given me much more than that: working with Jon has really helped me focus my mind on who I am and what I want from life. I really appreciate the way Jon provided a new perspective on my situation and gave me the breathing space and encouragement to come up with my own answers to my problems.

– Peter, Music Teacher and Lecturer

You will surely benefit from Jon’s training, his passion and his nature. Jon has an innate ability to quickly understand human behaviour and belief patterns and makes an individual feel emboldened to proactively reach towards any hope or desire.

– Mark Hinton, Fund Manager

Call Jon, he can really help you. He’s reliable, everything you say is confidential, he is a real professional, and you will definitely feel at ease. Jon is non-judgemental, open and funny – you’ll be amazed by the result.

– Bruno Rabouin, Design Consultant, Antelierdecor

Jon’s multi-faceted approach is immensely effective in cutting through the “noise” that can accumulate around one’s own perceived goals, which in my case was probably the biggest barrier to achieving them. Through a holistic exploration of my core values and a clear, objective pinpointing of those things that really mattered to me in life, a streamlined and highly motivating set of goals arose naturally. The process also helped me recapture the easy focus and relaxed confidence that has brought me most success in the past, but which had become buried beneath a pile of barely necessary worries and “must-dos”.

Jon has a relaxed but uncannily perceptive style. Points that were initially glossed over by me were often picked up on and, once explored, proved helpful in understanding both my goals and how to achieve them. This is “total coaching”, Johan Cruyff-style: as well as setting out a roadmap to achieving what you want, it frees you up to play the game your way. Recommended.

– Jim Cogan, Writer

Having worked with Jon over several months as a co-active coach I can highly recommend his work. We have worked to get the core of several detailed issues and found practical and tangible methods for moving forwards. Jon’s approach is highly supportive but he also challenges clients to find out what works best for them. I am now developing the tools to take charge of career direction, plan for the future and design the life I want.

– Michael Lawler, Director of Michael Lawler Communications

I followed the Conscious Leadership course at Cisco and Jon was my personal coach for 6 months. He has done an outstanding job and I can highly recommend him. Jon has been instrumental in guiding my personal development journey, my personal growth and my leadership style. He was listening and asking the right questions to make me think. What I appreciated the most is that he was able to identify exactly the areas that I knew where there but didn´t explore enough. He brought the best out of me and I can say I am much more confident and in balance as a person. I have grown a lot.

– Gerd De Bruycker, Marketing Director

After years experimenting with different types of therapy, reflecting on my past and who I had become, I came to life coaching to assess where I wanted to go, how I wanted my future to be. After researching life coaching on the web, I found Jon Hill’s website. I was immediately struck by Jon’s approach with its focus on balance, wellbeing and positivity. During a short course of just six sessions, I was impressed by Jon’s ability to help me view my life with a clarity I had previously found difficult to obtain. By concentrating on what Jon identified were my core values – what I had come to hold as the utmost importance to me – Jon and I very clearly identified what kind of life I wanted to build for myself. This was done not only with pragmatism but with creativity which I found extremely helpful and inspiring. My coaching experience also helped me to identify the type of thinking that was not necessarily serving me well. Jon did this with various exercises that were gentle and positive and assisted by the fact that I felt I could trust him implicitly. I was surprised how easily and quickly I could apply the things I learnt in my sessions with Jon to my life. It is amazing how much perspective it brought me in such a short amount of time. The time I spent with Jon was invaluable. I regularly use the tools he provided me with and I find I have a clear understanding of what I want to do with my life and how to achieve it. I would recommend the experience to anyone.

– Matthew Cook, Music Promoter